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Take time for reflection and revitalization to focus on mindfulness and charity, Join our brand new XploreYoga San Jose. A healthy person unites body, mind and spirit to live a life of wholeness. Choose to take time for personal reflection and revitalization. Choose to focus on mindfulness and clarity. Choose to be part of our growing new community at XploreYoga San Jose.
More than just a place to exercise, XploreYoga San Jose community is a place for transformation and growth. The variety of our classes and professional yoga instructors help cultivate health and fitness, calm your mind and emotions, reduce pain, and lose weight.  As part of the XploreYoga community, you will be challenged, you will be encouraged, you will be supported.

RELAX your mind and body at our unique studio and quiet practice area.
AWAKEN your senses with our creative yoga instructors.
CREATE a pleasant environment to comfort you on your busy day.
CONNECT with our friendly staff and members for their energy and support.

Your Body Is a
Reflection of Your


A Place for our Community

XploreYoga, Hot Yoga Studio in San Jose is located right off of Highway 880, our newly built 3,500 square feet facility have been painstakingly brought to life over the past year from a dream to reality. Hampered by a devastating leg injury in 2015 that prevented her from running, Sophia Shi put her emphasis on Yoga and decided to embark on doing something that she truly loves and open a studio of her own. How is this studio any different that all the rest? From the start, she decided to make this studio complete with all the amenities that are expected from a high quality studio – bathroom facilities with multiple showers and stalls, soft floors, true humidified filtered air system, engineered properly for ventilation, disinfection, and comfort. We also provide onsite massage in a dedicated private massage room. This Grand Opening is a culmination of all that work over the past year. Come by and and have a tour of the facility. If you care about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, our staff and our instructors are committed to serve you with the best yoga experience to meet your fitness goals.



New Student Specials

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$40 for 3 Weeks
$40 for 3 Weeks
$99 Unlimited
$99 Unlimited Classes
Enjoy UNLIMITED CLASSES of yoga for only $99/mo.! *Requires 12mo. commitment with monthly auto pay.
We offer on site Massage, Reiki, and Ayurveda
We offer on site Massage, Reiki, and Ayurveda
Healing, recovery, and relaxation help to boost your energy and prepare for your day.....Call us at 408-650-8377 for an appointment with our therapists.

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 XploreYoga is dedicated to providing you with the best yoga apparel and accessories for the right price. We only offer goods from the best manufacturers, vendors, and designers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development. Feel free to ask us questions or offer suggestions for improvement regarding any of our products. We value your feedback!


725 Ridder Park, Suite 85
San Jose, CA 95131


Mon. – Fri: 6am-9pm
Sat. – Sun: 8am-6pm

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Yoga has been known
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Wake up.

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