Dr. Clifton Der BingInstructor

    Meet Clifton…

    As a studied practitioner of the art of holistic wellness through mind and body development, Clifton guides participants towards discovering tranquility in the tempest. He has tailored his blend of Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga styles for all experience levels, and focuses on fluid transitions, core engagement and controlled breathing to yield increased strength and endurance.

    Clifton’s sequences of classical and creative poses along with his singular mix of soothing, meditative and energizing music allow his participants to explore their unique journey of wellness. He enjoys performing the poses alongside participants and teaches them how to continue their yoga journey off the mat. His hope is that others can learn to glide through a world saturated with stress.

    Clifton holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and owns a counseling private practice in San Jose called “Wellness Ways Center.” He is also an avid swimmer, runner, and enjoys community involvement with disadvantaged youths.