Smile OwenInstructor

    Meet Smile…

    Yoga has been in my life for more than 7 years.  At the very beginning, I thought yoga was just one type of workout. After allowing my mind to be opened more, I realized yoga is not only a physical exercise but also a mental exercise. When I was struggled the mild postpartum depression and figure out how to being a mom, yoga immediately became my shelter, I feel safe, secure and grounding. I am able to transition my physical body on the mat and that cultivates awareness, concentration as well as relaxation. With this knowledge I decided to further my skills and complete 200hrs Teacher Training in November of 2015.  After completing my training I continued my Mentorship Program to further advance my knowledge and strength. Yoga has inspired me to live every moment of my life in a more mindful manner and to have gratitude for everything that surrounds me.

    Since I have learned all of the benefits both mental and physical that can be achieved through yoga, this has inspired me to want to introduce that knowledge to others. I want to share with my students all the amazing benefits of yoga.  It is my mission as a yoga instructor to lead my students how to discover more on the mat than just physical exercise and take those benefits from practice and apply it to their daily life so that they may find their own inner peace, happiness and also learn how to enjoy life in more meaningful way.