Meet Rachael…

    Rachael has always had a strong passion and appreciation for fitness and nutrition. With
    a strong dance and athletic background, Rachael was always involved with sports throughout
    her childhood and into high school until numerous injuries lessened her involvement. In 2009,
    after her ego pushed her through tendonitis and discomfort, Rachael ruptured her Achilles
    tendon undergoing reconstructive surgery that took over a year to heal. Yoga was
    recommended to her by her physical therapist, who knew she craved a little more creativity and
    grace in her rehabilitation.
    For Rachael, yoga was time at home in the living room on hand-me-down mats, clumsily
    mimicking toned and attractive instructors beaming with wide smiles on DVDs and VHS tapes.
    But as her injury began to heal and the calmness that accompanied the practice began to affect
    her life in all facets, she became intrigued with yoga and craved to understand more. She
    attended her first heated Bikram yoga class in the middle of a very hot summer in 2011. Not
    much a fan of the heat, she persevered as the movements connected her to her background in
    dance and helped her regain not only the flexibility and muscle tone in her body, but selfconfidence
    as well.
    Rachael decided to dive deeper into the practice of yoga as she craved even more
    freedom and creativity in moving and exercising her body. Rachael graduated from Frog Lotus
    International in 2014 under the guidance of Edna Barr, is a Registered Yoga Teacher under
    Yoga Alliance (RYT-200) and has been privileged to teach at various studios in the Bay Area,
    primarily at Xplore Yoga Newark, ever since. Rachael cross-trains with plyometric circuit
    training, lengthy hikes with her pup, Abby and backpacking trips with her husband, Brett. Expect
    Rachael’s classes to have fluid movements with funky/fun transitions, long-held static stretches
    and a few laughs along the way. Rachael hopes that the strength training woven into her
    Vinyasa Glow classes will make her students’ practice—and feet— feel a little lighter.