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Two Sessions on Sunday November 12th

Join Swami Mahesh, a wandering yogi from India to learn classical yoga.  He has a Masters Degree in Yoga Philosophy and has over 25 years of experience teaching yoga. As an independent wandering yogi, he travels both nationally and internationally to conduct seminars, workshops and retreats on yoga. He leads special yoga retreats in Tibet, Iceland, Peru, Antarctica, and throughout the world. His articulate and engaging teaching technique in an open caring environment creates an effective learning of Yoga and spiritual life.  Blog address: http://wanderingmahesh.blogspot.com/


Prana Vidya  

Sunday morning, November 12th, 09:00 – 12:00pm

Prana Vidya is a powerful Yogic technique, based on scientific principles, that helps us connect to the most fundamental, throbbing energy of the cosmos. The system uses the concept of Chakras, to remove blockages and to energize, activate and awaken the psychic energy centers. This creates the right channels for the flow of the Cosmic Pranic Energy, infusing the entire body with life force. The benefits at the physical level are strength and vitality and at the physiological level are coordinated and optimal functioning of the body organs. The result is healing of the entire body. At the psychological level it drives away depression and dullness of mind and infuses a new enthusiasm towards life, the mind opens up to higher possibilities and a new creative power takes over. At the spiritual level this practice helps us to see the larger picture of the ‘Living Cosmos’ and our connection with it. It brings rapid and integrated growth and evolution of the personality.


Chakra Dharana

Sunday afternoon, November 12th, 1:30 – 4:30pm

The Chakra system provides us the means to explore the different levels of our own consciousness and to maintain optimal health, higher awareness and perfect dynamic balance with the forces of both external and internal nature. In these subtle structures lies the power to transform our ordinary consciousness into a higher consciousness where everything is experienced as an expression of the Divine Consciousness and the world becomes a field of blissful creative expression.  Come and participate in this rare event, which will help you integrate Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana and Mantra practices from the Chakra viewpoint.




  • $30 per workshop session (morning or afternoon) – special early bird pricing before Nov 5 
  • $35 per workshop session (morning or afternoon) after Nov 5
  • $60 both workshop sessions (morning and afternoon) 


This is an all levels workshop!
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Saturday November 11 at 3:00p

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic science that exists in the world and originates out of India. For its healing purpose, Yoga is closely aligned with Ayurveda “the science of life” which can also be called yogic medicine. Ayurveda uses diet, herbs, bodywork, breathwork, and meditation as part of a holistic system of healing that parallels the practice of Yoga relative to body, mind, and spirit.
According to Ayurveda, we develop imbalance because of two factors that usually go together. Externally, a wrong relationship with environmental forces like food, water or climate. Internally, with a wrong movement of the internal energies brought about by disharmonious thoughts and emotions. Resolving these two factors is the beauty of using Ayurveda and Yoga to help us optimize and protect our health.
In this workshop, we will learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda, discover each person’s innate constitution and practical applications for incorporating it into one’s life. In this way, we will gain valuable insight on the incredible impact that Ayurveda can have on ones well being when applied regularly to our daily life.

COST: $20

Valdet Demiri, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner AADP, 200 RYT In 2009, upon reading her first book on Ayurveda–“the science of life”–Valdet felt this modality spoke to her directly. She immediately felt an urgent sense of calling, and a desire to both travel to the
origin of where this beautiful science was born and begin a journey of intense study. Six months later she was on her way to the motherland (India) where she lived and where, for a full year, immersed herself in the study of Ayurveda and Yoga at Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It was here that she completed intensive training in Ayurvedic principals, various Ayurvedic therapies, and Yoga theory and practice.

In 2010, Valdet completed her yoga certification training at the Ayurveda Retreat Hospital in Coonoor, India where she studied Hatha/Astanga yoga under Dr. Senthil Kumar M.D. (Acu) Ph.D.(Yoga), in addition to receiving her training in Reiki Levels I and II.

Since 2010, upon being back in America, she’s continued to study numerous complementary modalities that include Thai Yoga Bodywork (Levels I, II and III) under Jonas Westring; Ayurvedic Nutrition under Dr. Naina Marballi (B.S.A.M) Ayurvedacharya; and numerous aromatherapy courses through Floracopeia. She also received her Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation through the world-class programs offered by Formula Botanica.

It is with great passion, pleasure, and enthusiasm that Valdet uses a combination of all her modalities to help inspire others on the road toward optimum health.

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Saturday December 2 at 3:00-5:00

Xploreyoga Studio is the only South Bay area yoga studio owned and operated by a Vietnamese, Sophia Le. Sophia’s dream is to bring Vietnamese community to fitness and wellness lifestyles together in the heart of San Jose, South Bay Area. Sophia believes beauty comes from fitness and people who practice yoga seem to be well balanced and appreciate what it takes to achieve their goals. Yoga wellness is a powerful tool to bring our Vietnamese community together whether you seek for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, something that helps you in the everyday life.

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • Gentle Vinyasa all levels with basic yoga poses and alignments
  • Fundamental impact on building strength on each yoga pose.
  • Q&A about nurturing injuries and injuries prevention.
  • Inversion & arm balances are included in the class but optional to your personal practice.

COST: $20

This is an all levels workshop!

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Saturday December 9 @ 1:15p – 3:15p

Join us for this fun, fast-paced workshop that will teach you the acroyoga basics. You’ll build a foundation in both basing and flying, while also learning how to practice safely at home. This class is best for complete newbies and those with an experience level of 10 classes or less. Individual attention from the instructors will ensure that everyone is challenged. There are absolutely no strength or flexibility requirements, and no partner is required.

  • Take a vinyasa yoga flow.
  • Add a partner.
  • Subtract gravity.
  • And make it all about play.

Perhaps more accurately described at acrobatic partner yoga, acroyoga takes the traditional individual practice of yoga and adds playful human connection. The two typical roles in acroyoga are “flyer” and “base.” Often seen lying on their back with their feet in the air, the base provides the structure and stability to the pose. Supported by the base, the flyer uses their body to bring shape and balance. Dynamic movement between poses requires constant communication, trust, and the willingness to play and experiment with what your bodies can do together.

COST $40 / $30 before December 2

This is an all levels workshop.